Frequently asked questions for landlords

1. How much does it cost to post an ad of my property?

It costs nothing, rien, nada! You can post your ad for free. If you want to gain more visibility and enjoy more advantages we have different packages available to better suit your needs.

2. How long will my ad be on the website?

Your ad will be on our website as long as you want. Once your property is rented, you need to deactivate your ad by going into your accounts ‘My listings’.

3. How do I see my ad?

You can view your ad in your account and you can edit it at any time. If you want to show your ad to someone you can also write your listing ID in the search engine and you will be linked to it directly.

4. Do I need to purchase a sign?

You do not need to purchase a sign but we strongly recommend it. You will gain much more visibility and have more chances of renting your property quickly. Your ad will be online and also on an outdoor sign, you will cover all potential markets.

5. I cannot attract any viewers to my ad, what should I do?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! Make sure your pictures are appealing and represent well the room or the setting you wish to convey. If you do not have a good camera, we can take those pictures for you at a minimal fee of $50. You need a good description because it can be a selling point and also point out information that you may not find on a map or on pictures. We also offer packages at a low cost to gain visibility and better suit your needs.

6. I do not have a camera, what should I do to have pictures on my ad?

We can take pictures for you at a minimal fee of $50. Let us know when and where and we will be there!

7. I am a property owner, where can I find my rights?

Laws and rules are different for all provinces. You can find the ones that apply to you on your province’s website.

8. I have many properties, is there a corporate package that I can have?

It will be a pleasure to customize a package that meet your needs and help you rent your properties as quickly as possible. Write us at info@habitago.com or call us at 819-635-6654 and we will come up with a deal just for you!

9. I have registered but I have not yet received my confirmation email. What should I do?

Sometimes our confirmation emails end up in your spam box. If it is not there, contact us right away at info@habitago or 819-635-6654 and we will activate your account on the spot.

10. I have a question that has not been addressed on this page, where can I get an answer?

You can write us at info@habitago.com or call us at 819-635-6554 and we will gladly answer your question in a timely manner.

Frequently asked questions for tenants

1. I have issues with my landlord, what should I do?

Habitago is a website that advertises listings and is not held responsible for the relationship between the tenant and the landlord. You can contact your local city hall and ask for your local landlord / tenant office regarding such issues.

2. I had selected a few listings by clicking on the heart icon but it seemed to have disappeared from my account. What happened? Those listings have either been rented out or the landlord has taken them down from our listings page.

3. A link or a page does not work.

We are constantly working hard to ensure that your experience on our website is easy, quick and productive. However, if you encounter broken links or issues with pages, please let us know by writing at info@habitago.com and we’ll fix those issues right away.

4. There are no properties available in my city, can I get notified when there will be?

By using our “Get notified” tool, which is located at the top of every page on the site, you can get notified by e-mail when listings appear in a specific area. Click on it, fill out the information and you will receive notifications when new listings are added.